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Refill No

Weight 0.4 oz

Size 4 3/16 x 3/16

Fits Visor Yes

Availability Unknown

iPoint VSR w/ Pen by E&B Company

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Upgrade your existing Visor stylus with this NEW iPoint VSR. Write faster and more accurately. Crafted from solid brass for solid feel and excellent writing comfort. If you need to take notes on paper, simply untwist the tip and use its built-in pen! Also comes with a reset pin. Please note: Comes with long Reset Pin designed for Visor machine.

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  77% Thumbs Down 23%

Thumbs Up

I'd give it an 8 out of 10
Much better recognition than the standard stylus. Fits the silo just fine, although that appears to vary according to other reviews. The pen function works nicely, although it is a tad slim for "normal" writing. Then again, you want a combo that fits the silo, right? The screw thread of the reset pin compartment doesn't run too smoothly in my case. Maybe a drop of grease will fix that.
by Coldfire

Thumbs Up

8 out of 10
I've been using one for several weeks now on my Prism. I used a PDA Panache on my Deluxe. I like the way it fits the Prism; firmly in place, but easy to extract. I have some trouble screwing the top back on after reseting, but after 3 (careful) tries, it threads properly. The weight is very nice. Having a pen handy is great, but you'd better not put down the stylus tip while you're signing that check! The writing tip is better than the Handspring Dulexe stylus tip, but not as good as the PDA Panache. Overall, if you are looking for a stylus pen, this is the best I've found; the Pilot Chamelion is way too light.
by dessa

Thumbs Up

80% good
I have liked my stylus, while I wouldn't want to write a book with it, its better than Handspring's plastic one. I'd love a way to store the stylus tip while using the pen but have had none of the problems w/ it fitting into the visor.
by Jesse

Thumbs Up

Best replacement stylus I've found.
This stylus is great for writing on the Visor. Good weight and smooth point. My only complaint is one touched on in the original review - there is no place for the stylus point when using the pen. I'd like to see a way to attach the tip to the other end of the stylus.
by John Esher, Jr

Thumbs Up

Nice Stylus
I too bought mine (3) during the closeout. I'm happy and quite pleased with it. I do much better with graffiti with my iPoint. None of mine are the pen types. Didn't want it to perhaps leak into Lil Abner! :-( My only problems with it are that the machining is on multiple axes. Mostly it doesn't bother me. I wish they'd put just a bit more curve around to the side of the tip -- I'm a lefty and often have to write from a fair angle. Overall -- it's great.
by john

Thumbs Up

Works great
Actually mine fit nicely into the slot and has a nice action on the tip. Reset tip works fine. Good weight and fits snug but not too tight.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Great Product
I was hesitant to get this stylus after reading some of the negative reviews, but when it went on sale at the Visorcentral Store close-out, I decided to give it a try. I bought two, one for me and one for my wife. I am very pleased with both! The fit is perfect and the weight is great! One reviewer had questioned the quality of the machining of the product, but both of the styluses we got look very well made. I agree with Jame's review of the iPoint VSR. I waited a couple of days to use it some before I wrote this review, so I can say with confidence--I recommend this stylus!
by SCM

Thumbs Up

No problems here
High-quality stylus ... tight fit inside the Visor silo, yes, but i see that as no problem.
by Rae

Thumbs Up

Overall Good
The reset pin has been fixed so it is long enough now , but it still is a tight fit , they sent me out another one and it is still a tight fit but not as tight , but still could be a hair smaller or tapered more. The tip is wonderful , I have the Handspring 5 pack and those have caused scratches and do not write as smoothly. I did not get the pen option , I just don't trust a pen and do not want to chance it leaking into my Visor.
by Jim

Thumbs Down

Poor machining
Ok, who said this stylis is great. First off, the OD of the styles is too large, for the compartment. The machining is very bad, there 3 different axis over the length of the stylis, and its not bent. Heck the handspring stylis is an actual improvement to this one.
by ed


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