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Fact Sheet & User Opinions

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Width: 2.6"

Length: 5.0"

Length (external to Visor): .73"

Thickness: .32"

Weight: 4 oz

Availability Unknown

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  80% Thumbs Down 20%

Thumbs Up

I forgot to mention
Oh, I forgot to mention that Handspring replaced my unit for free, they even payed for shipping. GO HANDSPRING!!! So if you have a Visor Deluxe, call up handspring and get a new unit because it works a whole lot better. I could use the modem inside my office and with the new unit it works.
by slashzero

Thumbs Up

This thing is Great (when it works)
I have a Visor Deluxe and when I first plugged in the Modem I was mad at how terrible the reception was. I called up YadaYada and they told me that the Visor interfers wth the modem. I called Handspring and they replace my Visor with a Optimized one and now they service works great. However sometimes when I turn off the unit it get a Fatal Exception. YadaYada says they're working on it. Other then that I love this thing. I'm glad I have 2 pairs of Rayovac batteries because I drain them everyday using my Visor.
by slashzero

Thumbs Up

How cool is it to be wireless
This has got to be the best product on the market. I don't know what the point of having a PDA is w/o wireless service. I had Omnisky service but switched simple because I wasn't able to see most of the site's I was looking for. From my understanding YadaYada supports HTML while Omnisky only supports web clippings. Same price same coverage except I can see the whole web instead of a small part of it. This on was not a hard choice to make.
by MobileMan

Thumbs Up

Good enough
It works when I need it to. It works on my Deluxe, unlike OmniSky. Their tech support has improved greatly over the last three months. When my modem recently quit charging they were quick to call Novatel and arrange a replacement. It should be in my hands Tuesday morning. The connctivity doesn't suck, either. I'm looking forward to trying out that VNC thingie...
by Dredhead

Thumbs Up

Great service
I love my YadaYada, but I hate the browser and launcher. The garish design and colors are cheesy, and I rarely connect with the Yada browser, but when I switch to Blazer or Avantgo I'm online in seconds. I had the triplicate e-mail problem, but it disappeared about 3 weeks ago and now my e-mail comes in just like it should. The YadaYada customer service guys have been very helpful and patient. I live in NYC and I get great coverage everywhere I go unless I'm deep in a building. And after buying the modem, I called them to take advantage of the free-modem-with-one-year's-service deal,so I feel I'm getting my money's worth.
by dianeholly

Thumbs Up

As good as it gets
I've been using my service since the fall. Had to be happy when they credited me my modem purchase when they started running the free modem deal. They're not very organized, but oh well. Originally, you were able to default away from their browser, now with 3.1 it appears that you have to click "home" to get back to your usual browser. I've had the e-mail problem too (multiple pop listings). My modem came with Eudora Mail and Web and I wish I could delete them. I use multimail pro and it works like a charm. I've also started using JP Systems JPS-PQA beta which enables the use of PQAs on the Visor Deluxe. ICQ works as does MSN Messenger, but I'm still have trouble with AOL IM. The only place I've had coverage problems so far is the Atlanta Airport and some boondocks places in Northeast Tennessee.
by Russell

Thumbs Up

Great before 3.1, not so great after
YadaYada had a great setup before they updated there software to 3.1. I still have a few problems with the service, but when it works, it's a truly great thing.
by Chris

Thumbs Up

Wireless ok. Customer service questionable.
I ordered my YY service on the holiday promotion a week before Christmas. I got an email saying, welcome to YY, etc. Never saw my modem arrive. I called to ask where is was. My order was lost and I was informed that there is a list of broken orders, but I didn't even make that list either! They re-placed my order. Due to arrive the following Thurs. The following friday, no YY. Called again. Learned they also have no internal tracking or logging of a customer's account information with customer support. They re-placed my order again assuring me that I would get it. I finally got it one day later than promised. Installation went great. The fact that they slammed a launcher I didn't want over my existing launcher didn't really make me happy, bu oh well - I have my wireless access. Access is fair to good locally at work near windows. Access is fair from my driveway at home but non-existant in my house anywhere. On the road, it saved my butt twice with PocketMap blast from AvantGo. It seems to be a good way of keeping from getting lost and informing clients that I may be late when traffic gets clogged. Not sure if I'll keep it, but overall, it works ok.
by PropellerHead

Thumbs Up

Better then Omnisky
I had Omnisky and I returned it... I haven't had any problems with YadaYada
by Anonymous

Thumbs Down

I returned mine three days I got it. Bad coverage, made my Prism crash, and terrible tech support.
by Anonymous

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