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Width: 2.6"

Length: 5.0"

Length (external to Visor): .73"

Thickness: .32"

Weight: 4 oz

Availability Unknown

YadaYada Wireless Web by Yada Yada

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Yada Yada is a wireless provider that is also using the increasingly popular Minstrel S Springboard module. The interesting thing about Yada Yada is that you can use most of their software, like a web browser that can support HTML frames, without needing their module. Here's a rundown of their features from their press release:

Wireless Web

With YadaYada's Wireless Web service, users can access everything they want from the Web, including e-mail and any HTML-created Web site in the world. YadaYada's proprietary Internet browsing technology will enable users to access every HTML Web site on the Internet -- not just sites that have been optimized for PDAs, but true "what you see is what you get" Web surfing -- including sites built using HTML frames technology.

My YadaYada Mobile Web Portal

Using the free "My YadaYada" Mobile Web Portal, users can create their own personalized page by selecting information categories, such as local, national and financial news, local weather forecasts, stock quotes, favorite sports teams' scores and entertainment. This personalized page can be downloaded for free through desktop synchronization or wirelessly using the YadaYada Wireless Web service.


YadaYada's innovative "QuikSnaps" allow users to download any Web site right onto their PDA - without a modem! In addition to YadaYada's list of top sites, users can choose their favorite sites in categories such as business, entertainment, headline news, sports, travel, weather, stock quotes, and entertainment. Content from more than 200 sites will be accessible using YadaYada's free QuikSnaps service

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  80% Thumbs Down 20%

Thumbs Down

No good in Tampa
Connections in Tampa are impossible. Don't put yourself through the turmoil I did because it just doesn't work. I did get my money back and service stopped okay.
by mxking

Thumbs Down

Yada Yada is going under with all your money... They stole mine....
You buy this modem, you may end up wasting your money--- I purchased the Yada Yada modem in March. It worked ok, but due to the poor coverage in the area I travel, it was not worth the $40 a month I was paying. I called Yada Yada, told them how much I liked the modem, but I needed to return it until I could get better coverage. They issued a return authorization and I shipped the modem back to the factory-- They were to issue me a refund-- I was happy with them to this point.... HOWEVER, it is 1.5 months later and I have not received my money back, even though the tracking numbers show they received my modem two days after I sent it back. I have called their 1-800 number, and it is now answered by an answering service who takes your number and faxes it to the main office who will in turn call you back. When I finally received a call from a Yada Yada employee, he instructed me to contact my credit card to dispute the charge as he had no way to resolve the billing problem.
by mlecher

Thumbs Up

This is so great
Their browser is much better than Omniskys
by kat

Thumbs Up

Works great
The system works great. Found out that you can download files and the browser will convert them to prc files so you can use them right away. We are getting one step closer to a wireless internet.
by pdutta2000

Thumbs Up

its ok, if you have extra $40 dollar to spend every month
overall It work well , And if you downloaded the ICQ for palm it kick ass. The down side is when I need it to send email in some area the connection would break off. Get it if you want to spend $40 per month for a toy
by Sven

Thumbs Up

it's good
i use yada yada everyday from my laboratory. it helps me to keep dee dee out. -dexter
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

good stuff
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Happy Customer
I think that the service is real great! There Technical suport department has come a long way from 3 months ago. I have the handspring and the modem and its working great. I understand that this is NEW Technology so every wireless company has to work out bugs with this. I was a customer with Omnisky and i just hated it.Yada Yada is going places
by steve

Thumbs Down

YadaYada has quietly withdrawn it's $150 rebate that it had previously offered (Expires 1-31-01) and has replaced it with another disappointing promotion of 1 month free (a $39.95 value) after the sixth month of service. There is also a similar disappointing promotion for completion of 1 year of service. I suspect both promotions may evaporate before term like the $150 rebate has. Customer service refuses to acknowlegde that they even HAD a rebate of $150, unless you had a "promotional code" which is not mentioned in any of their previous press releases nor was it mentioned on their website (of which this promotion has also evaporated). My personal opinion is that maybe the BBB and the FTC may want to know about this bait-and-switch tactic being pulled on this, their "supposedly last day" of the $150 rebate promotion.
by Extremely Disappointed w/YadaYada

Thumbs Up

Great interface
I really enjoy the graphic user interface -- it has much the of the same feel as using my laptop. I highly recommend it.
by bruin

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