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Works with Visor, Deluxe, Platinum, Neo and Edge

Availability Unknown

(100v to 240v AC adapter, Auto Adapter, battery, battery cover )
(Auto adapter, AC adapter, battery, battery cover)
(100v to 240v AC adapter, battery, battery cover and country plug adapter)
(Auto adapter, battery, battery cover)
(AC adapter, battery, battery cover)

FullCharge by eXtend Computer & Instrument

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eXtend's patent pending rechargeable NiMH battery and Power Adapter to be used with the Handspring Visor family of handheld computers.

Install the FullCharge NiMH battery in your Visor handheld battery compartment. The FullCharge battery cover (clear cover) replaces your original Visor battery cover. The replacement battery cover has two holes in it which allow the Power Adapter charge cord to plug directly into the battery (without removing the battery!). You can also use your Visor while it recharges.

Finally, your Visor, Visor Deluxe, Visor Platinum, and Visor Neo can have the same rechargeable convenience of the Visor Prism handheld!

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  74% Thumbs Down 26%

Thumbs Down

Working perfectly
I've had this unit for about 1 month. Shipping was fast and the unit has worked as advertised right from the start with no problems. Installation was easy. I would recommend unit to anyone wanting piece of mind from the hassle of constantly changing and charging batteries. It's the right solution for my needs.
by leaw012847

Thumbs Down

V. Deluxe does not work with FullCharge in.
I just got the FullCharge system (after a long wait) and inserted it into my Visor (no easy task). I let it recharge overnight til it was fully charged and turned it on. Nothing happened. The Visor would not work. I took it out, put in my old alkaline batteries and it worked again (although I had lost all my stuff). Bad start. I am pretty upset right now, and am trying to figure out why it doesn\'t work.
by stevejluke

Thumbs Up

Great Alternative to AAAs and other rechargeable NiMH/NiCDs
Ordered it 2 weeks ago (said it would be shipped in 1-2 weeks), received an email confirming shipment and that it would be received in 2-3 days. It arrived right on time. Battery installation is a snap. Just follow the directions and you'll be fine. Changing the battery indicator to NiCD by either the .7 shortcut or Hackmaster batteryhack is also a breeze. Using it while plugged in shows no drainage as it remains at 100%. It still needs 10 hours to fully charge though. ***HERE's a TIP for those that want to charge while in the cradle and be able to sync. It takes a little trial and effort, but I have it working and it is stable enough to gently tap and use my Visor without disturbing the connection. Just use your original battery cover that is just hanging around in some drawer. Here's the trick, place it behind your Visor on the left-hand side of the cradle to even it out due to the charging plug on the right. You may have to hold and position the Visor so it is flush with the connector pins. Once the cover is propped, test a sync. Let it go through. If it's successful, use your visor to test the stability. Sync it again. If it syncs, you have a solid connection and a stable prop. If not, just keep trying. I've tried a number of things from a AAA battery to a paperclip but the battery cover works best. A cool tip from the IcePick.
by theicepick

Thumbs Up

Works Great!
Received the kit 7 weeks after ordering! Each charge lasts me 1-2 weeks. Mfr. says it can be recharged 500 times. That means it will be over 4 years before I will need to get new (rather expensive) batteries. Now I can play games and read AvantGo without worrying about buying batteries. JK
by JohnKes

Thumbs Up

Works great!
I just got this in the mail about a week ago, and I think it rules. The pack is easy to put in, and the metal prongs are pretty sturdy. I think some care should be taken, but all in all, a great product.
by Tony

Thumbs Up

Better than anticipated!
Been using it now for about 4 weeks. I have to say that from the install to now its been flawless. the people at eXtend are to be congratulated on an excellent product. I sent my OEM Visor battery door to them and the put charging holes it for me at no charge!. The only incompatibility is with my eye module that apparently needs more volts than the NiMH batteries can deliver. Oh well.. the eyemodule was a purchase mistake anyways. :)
by Gunjinn

Thumbs Down

Screws up Visor!
Is anyone else having this problem? When Fullcharge is inserted and working, my hardware buttons start doing weird things, as if the electrical signals are getting mixed up. The problem vanishes when I put in regular batteries.
by dto71

Thumbs Up

A money saver
being a teenager and on a tight budget, and a heavy user of my VDX, this is great because i don't have to go out once or twice a month and buy a new pack of AAAs. i never have any of those and it was a big hassle. now i just plug in overnight and i haven't seen my batt indicator drop below 50% yet.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Extremely Convenient
Sure, the initial installation was a little tricky - they are up front with the tight fit and advise you that frequent swapping is not necessary or recommended. However, after the 2 minute installation the worry is over. I just plug in my VDX when I go to sleep and it is fresh and full for the next day. I also got the car adapter so that it will charge when I am driving. I am so glad that I can use the Visor while it is charging and I never have to worry about scrambling for batteries to avoid loss of use. I rate this just behind DateBook4 for utility.
by wcabdefense

Thumbs Down

Poor quality!
The insertion tool is much too flimsy to hold the spring out of the way while inserting the battery pack. The prong broke while trying to remove the pack. Could not get the Visor to come on while the pack was in and charging. Am sending it back today. Glad I had the Back Up module!!!
by B. McRae

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