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Size: 5.0"x3.2"x1"


Ir In Case Yes

HotSync in Case: Yes

Case Type Leather

Held by: Strap

Availability Unknown

(w/ Clip)
Slipper Visor by E&B Company

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This case was specially designed to conform to the Visor body and allow the user to hot sync the Visor without removing it from the case.

It also comes with a credit card or business card slot. Slim and elegant design!.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  83% Thumbs Down 17%

Thumbs Up

Meets the need
After 2 weeks, the slipper (w/o belt clip) has broken in nicely around my Pro. As noted in many reviews, give it a little time to break in and become supple. On the positive side, the flip cover gets out of the way easily, there's just enough velcro to keep the cover snug, and all the cut outs are in the right spots. On the negative side, I can hotsynch in the cradle but it doesn't lock in the cradle and the plastic cover over the buttons arrived filthy with a black residue which came off after some elbow grease. There is a pocket for business cards and a pocket which can be used as a billfold inside the flap cover. If you need a nice leather cover to protect your Visor, I recommend it.
by jdpuglisi

Thumbs Up

Simply Marvelous
Words cannot describe how happy I was to see that my slipper had arrived today. It is as gret as all the other reviews say it is. One thing I didn't know--I must have missed it in the reviews-- is that it has a cutout for the visor's microphone. The leather looks great and has a nice, supple feeling. Yes, it is a little stiff and doesn't quite close right, but as has been mentioned, leather softens and strethces with use. I too have some problems syncing in the case, but they are not serious. If I just wiggle the visor around in the cradle it'll work. E&B provides some disks to apply to the visor to remedy this problem but I'm going to hold off on that for now. Oh yeah, one more thing. Even though the slipper is form-fitting, it still fits when I have my memplug in and my PDA Panache Custom Stlus (which sticks up a bit).
by tjevans

Thumbs Down

Good Case, Bad Clip
I have broken 3 belt clips with this product. Each time it broke, it did so in a different place. The clip is made of mostely plastic and it just can take the stress of day to day life.
by CaptainBailey

Thumbs Up

Great case
I read a lot of reviews of different cases before deciding on the Slipper Visor. It was a great decision. I have not noticed really any of the problems that people have reported. It WAS a little difficult to synch the first two weeks (I had to put pressure on it with my finger), but now I just plop it in the cradle and off it goes. I have not noticed any velcro dust on my screen. The clip seems very solid and works great. I have had very few comments on the new device attached to my belt because it is so sleek and slim that you don't really notice it all the much (which is exactly what I wanted). The velcro holding the flap down is not the greatest, but so far it has done the job just fine. When I close the flap, I just give it a little push and the velcro has held without any problem. The plastic has been a non-issue for me. It is very soft so you can easily feel the buttons and it in no way makes it more difficult to press the buttons. All in all I am very satisfied.
by jjfriesen

Thumbs Down

Terrible Customer Service
This product MAY be ok, but the customer service from E&B is deplorable. I have been waiting since Dec 2000 for help with a defective case, and all I get is emails saying "we'll call you soon". I followup diligently, but to no avail. If service is important to you, avoid this firm.
by mpeck

Thumbs Up

The only thing I have to add...
... is to think long and hard about the belt clip. If you plan on belt carry- get it! On the other hand, if youwill do much other kinds of toting (pocket, small pouch, purse, etc.), skip it! The small stud that fastens ot the belt clip is not real big, but it does interfere to some extent when it is not on the belt!
by Madkins007

Thumbs Up

All in all, it delivers what it promised.
I received my Slipper Visor (no belt clip) yesterday. I'm pleased with it. The finish quality isn't as top notch as the web site makes you believe (I'd give it a 7 out of 10), but the leather quality is good and the stitching appears solid. Hotsynching went fine from the first try, I didn't even have to pu the little sticker disk on. No interruptions: just a firm press-down on the cradle, hit the synch button, and you're home free! And that's coming from someone whose synch process takes up to 10 minutes (Hotsynching: 10 out of 10). Right now, it leaves little pieces of velcro debris on the screen, but if the other reviews are any indication, that's gonna be over in a matter of weeks. I also ordered the E&B iPoint VSR/pen, which fits the Visor and case just fine (9/10). All in all, I'm happy with my case. I did order from Europe, so the $20 extra shipping costs were a bit of a bummer - time to set up a European office, lads! Then again, I ordered the case, iPoint, and two packs of refills for it. Done for $76 - not too bad (7/10).
by Coldfire

Thumbs Up

No such thing as a perfect case
I've tried many cases for my Visor DLX, without finding a perfect fit for my needs. The Slipper Visor w/Clip works for me as a dressy case for daily use. I can HotSync in the case, but the task is awkward (I have the new zippered case). Likewise, using it with my Stowaway is difficult (far from impossible, though). It's like they compromized the ease of Stowaway connectivity for improved HotSyncing. The card pouch in the cover is a nice touch, as I always had trouble carrying business cards in my wallet. What I like most is the slim styling, the very secure clip (the Visor won't pop off the belt), and the professional appearance & fit. Still not perfect, but the best I've tried so far.
by afrayer

Thumbs Down

It does not sync
Two things... First, it won't sync with the cover on...and I have had it for 5 months now. Second, E&B totally lied to me about customs. I told them I was ordering from Canada and they said "no problem we can still have it to YOU in 2 days - we do this all the time." I received it 3 weeks later costing me a total of $85.00 with all fees including the 2 day service I paid for. Not a good experience.
by RJ.

Thumbs Up

Not so easy to use.
This is a really great concept, and it almost works very good. But it is very tough to hotsync, I find that I have hold it in for it to work. This is fine for normal hotsyncs, but if you have AvantGo, or if you are installing software, it can take a while, and if you flinch, it might cut off. I found that it works very well with the Stowaway keyboard though.
by Bernie

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