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Size: 5-3/8" x 3-3/16 x 1"

Weight: 1.3 oz.

Ir In Case No

HotSync in Case: No

Case Type Plastic

Held by: Click-in

Availability Unknown

Plastic Belt Clip Case by Handspring

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Are you looking for the cheapest way to carry your Visor on your belt? The Handspring Plastic Beltclip is a very economical way for you to be able to always have you Visor "at the ready."

The Handspring Beltclip is a minimalist's case and is effectively a holster for your Visor. When inserted, the entire face of the Visor is protected.

The top, bottom, and back of the Visor is completely exposed. The Handspring logo is visible on the inside of the case and on the beltclip itself.

This case is Graphite and mostly plastic, with only part of the beltclip made of metal.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  35% Thumbs Down 65%

Thumbs Up

Works as advertiesed
What could you want for under $20
by Remotruker

Thumbs Down

Far too fragile
It's a nice, convenient case, but the clip is too easily broken, and can slip right off your belt when you sit down.
by Kesh

Thumbs Up

Okay, but fragile...
I've tried other cases to suit my Platinum (VPL) and VisorPhone (VP) combination, but most added a lot of bulk and unnecessary weight. I especially liked the case made for the VP by Handspring. While the case was all-protecting and relatively robust, placing and replacing the VP combo was very awkward, requiring one to constantly flip the velcro enclosure and almost needing the assistance of the other hand. This carry-holster is a good compromise between protection and ease of use. Here's the run-down: --Pros-- (1) Relatively inexpensive (2) Full screen protection (3) Not too much bulk added (4) VPL can be taken out and replaced with one hand --Cons-- (1) Fragile compared with other leather case clip-ons (2) Repeated ex/insertion can mar the VPL casing (3) VPL is more exposed to the elements compared with other cases Because the clip on the holster is the weakest point, I mounted another clip and secured it with a 4-40 flat-head screw and epoxy. Short of a major shearing force, the holster is relatively robust now.
by eigenwave

Thumbs Up

Had for 2 months with no problems
I purchased this Belt Clip at the same time I bought my Visor, as in preparation for the Visorphone. Recently having the Visorphone, I have never had a problem with the plastic breaking, or belt clip breaking, etc. Although you look at the construction of the actual belt clip, the hingest look too small, thus having an easier time breaking. The hard plastic case scratches my Platinum finish on my Visor. But this is the only case that seems the most handy for use with a Visor/Visorphone combo. I do not like the E&B case as it has the stupid slipper to cover the face which would make it almost unusable when trying to talk and job notes down back and forth. The price of the E&B slipper is way too expensive. But this Belt Clip case is not perfect. I still recommend it for now, until I can find a better case for the Visorphone/Visor combo.
by Stanward

Thumbs Down

The pin holding the clip to the case broke. This sent my visor to the concrete floor, damaging the screen. I had to have my visor replaced.
by weeksben

Thumbs Down

Mine broke in 12 Days.
The clip just isn't strong enough.
by bjskelly

Thumbs Down

Cheap buytFlimsy
The belt clip is really flimsy and it broke twice for me. Also there isnt enough protection for the screen, my screen broke when i dropped it.
by Gov

Thumbs Down

I wouldn't bother.
I ordered one of these as soon as I saw it online because i thought it would be a great way to keep my Visor with me where ever I went. Until the cheap clip broke off. And I noticed the serious scuffing. Scuffing is no good; it maked people think I'm abusing it.
by Mr. Fish

Thumbs Down

no good
broke my Visor inside
by zvika comay

Thumbs Up

It's like the "cat's pajamas"!
This is a convenient, practical design. Great if you believe "less is more". To allay fears about breakage, reserve use of the holster for indoor environments.
by Ajay

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