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Size 5.0x3.2x1.2 in

Availability Unknown

(w/ clip)
(w/o clip)

Slipper Prism by E&B Company

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Slipper Prism is everything that is good about a PDA case. As with all the E&B Cases, it is made with Napa Cowhide Leather, which is of greater quality than the leather cases that come with Visors. It is a very stiff case, and provides definite edge protection for the corners of the Prism. The Slipper Prism is cut-out in the front, allowing complete access to the Prism's screen, graffiti area and hardware buttons. It also has a special cutout on the right-hand-side just for the power button. It has good quality Velcro at the bottom below the buttons that meshes with the soft Velcro on the top of the flip portion of the case. The flip top of the case allows enough slack to keep thin Springboard Modules like the Eyemodule left in the Visor.

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  71% Thumbs Down 29%

Thumbs Up

great products
excellent cases for all pda's
by golferdoc

Thumbs Up

Slipper Prism is a must-have if you own a Prism!
I just recieved my case today after ordering it just 3 days ago--very happy with the turn-around time and the quality of the case is fantastic. Everything on it works as its stated--very convenient. I think the noise of the velcro is very moderate--not loud at all-not like typical velcro you may think of---it doesnt add too much to the size either--can still use the case when wearing my Dockers Mobile-Pants...having to move the case slightly even after unzipping it is the only inconvenient feature I can see--but remember having that ability to sync in the case is still a positive---otherwise the power button cutout could use a little work-but certainly is still functional--Overall great case--can put credit cards and cash in it--great combination of features
by orton

Thumbs Up

Just What I Was Looking For
I have tried a few cases for my Prism but this is absolutlely THE best there is. It has great fit, a great hand made quality and best of all the manufacturer was happy to ship one all the way to me here in the UK in no more than 5 days. GREAT! I ordered a Burgundy coloured case and when i'm in the office it looks real smart, better than my neoprene one that looked a bit of a joke, this one is more like the kind of case a £400 handheld should be wearing. In fact it is no nice i have ordered the other slipper case that will enable me to use my Visorphone too. That way i can use the case that fits the naked Prism when i need to and the Visorphone one when i have that attached. If you want to look stylish in the office and cool when you're out, this is the case for you.
by johnprout

Thumbs Up

Great Case, better than VAJA
I use this case. I particularly like the fact that it doesn't have a "bar" across the user area. The velcros is not "noisy" and holds well. Nice protection. I highly recommend this case,
by mlecross

Thumbs Up

Customer Service
Please note, E&B Co's return policy requires that the defective product be returned before a replacement item is send out. Sometimes this causes customer dissatisfaction. We welcome suggestions.
by Mike_Enkerlin

Thumbs Down

Terrible customer service
This product MAY be ok, but the customer service from E&B is deplorable. I have been waiting since Dec 2000 for help with a defective case, and all I get is emails saying "we'll call you soon". I followup diligently, but to no avail. If service is important to you, avoid this firm.
by mpeck

Thumbs Up

Great Case....Looked for a long time
I looked for a long time for a case for my Prism. I wanted pockets for business cards and possibly cash or credit cards. Enough room for typical sized expansion modules is nice. Syncing in the case would be preferable. I definitely wanted a case I could carry in my coat pocket. Nearly all the cases out there seemed to be a compromise, Rhino cases had the pockets and everything, but seemed like they were too big for carrying in pockets, other were slim with a fliptop, but lacked pokets to carry things. And so on.....The slipper prism was reviewed very well here, and I immediately ordered one, I was disappointed when the site stated it was in stock, but then it was backordered, but it's worth the wait. E&B has a great case here, and I'll be showing it off to everyone.
by Batman

Thumbs Up

Compaq case and it protects the hot-sync port
I have looked everywhere and have found this case to be the best case. The zipper feature is not great, but it does protect the hot-sync port from the environment. If you are not hot syncing every other minute this case will work just fine. I am not sure why people complain about Velcro, it is functional and the new Velcro on this case is fantastic. If you have not already tested your machines around magnets, don’t do it. Magnets can harm your machine and the screen on your handheld. It also will damage credit cards. All in all a great case!
by Michael Schallenmueller

Thumbs Up

Great case!
Functional and slim. Elegant and just what I needed. The new velcro does a great job and does not fray like some of the older E&B cases that I have owned. Very happy with the service and delivery time.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

I have the slipper with belt clipand am near perfectly satisfied. At first it was difficult to access the on/off switch till I realized that I could push it through the case. I also prefer to remove the case to hotsync but thats just me. Both my wife and I have slippers for our Palms and when I got the prisim getting a new slipper was a first priority.
by Anonymous

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