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Works with Visor, Deluxe, Platinum, Neo, Pro and Prism

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(With Swivel Belt-clip)
(Without Belt-clip)

Visor Case by Rhodiana

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The Visor Case fits the Visor like a glove. The Visor slides down into the case and then you snap the case to completely seal the Visor inside -- no worries about the Visor falling out of this case.

Once the Visor is inside, open the case by undoing the small clip on the front and flipping the flap over. The flap can be folded over the back of the case, allowing you to easily hold the Visor when in use. There is some padding for protection against accidental bumps, and the edges on the case seem like they could help if the Visor was dropped a short distance. There are straps on the back of the case so that you can slip them over your hand instead of holding the case; this is good for writing extensively on the Visor to keep your hand from cramping, but for the most part this feature won’t be used much.

The Visor Case comes with or without the belt clip, and an optional ($2.00) lexan stiffener card can be slid into the flap that goes over the Visor, adding a little more protection to the front of the Visor. Business cards or other IDs can be placed in the cover if you choose not to use the lexan stiffener card.

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  89% Thumbs Down 11%

Thumbs Up

URL for the Ultra Clip in previous review
I'm sure the FAQ on posting here explains that html code is filtered out of form submissions. Whoops! For info on the new clip Rhodiana is using (as of June 2002), check and for the tab.
by dbump

Thumbs Up

New improved clip!
I just got my case back from out-of-warranty repair ($14), and it has a different clip! They are now using the Ultra Clip. The tab used is displayed lower on the page. This design is far, far more tolerant to wear, and makes it impossible for the case to accidentally pop out of the clip without force sufficient to actually break the clip components. Kudos to Rhodiana!!!
by dbump

Thumbs Up

Great case; cheap clip
As mentioned early and often by other reviewers, the clip is the major problem with this case. The plastic wears down from constant swivelling, and eventually allows the Visor to pop out of the clip very easilly. That said, I STILL recommend it. I am on my second Rhodiana in two years, and I have dropped my Visor about 20 times in that period. The majority of those drops were times when the clip failed, and the Visor came unclipped while I was running up stairs, etc. #20 (on the stairs) finally broke my screen digitizer. However, if you are not too cheap to repair/replace the clip when it wears to that point, this case will protect your Visor against occasional drops, and give you excellent functionality. The newer version of the case allows you to hotsync through the case with the cable (not cradle), and the case material itself is exceptionally durable. A metal clip (both peg and receptacle), and access to the reset hole would make this case perfect.
by dbump

Thumbs Down

great case except for belt clip
I've used it for 18 months and like it alot, though the belt clip has broken twice and must be shipped back for repair (now costs $13.95). They should replace the plastic piece with a metal one.
by maestrocy

Thumbs Up

Highly Recomended
Very good case. Only complaint is that some of the custom styli are hard to get to and you hafta take it out of the case to use a Stowaway keyboard.
by Velda

Thumbs Up

Great Case - I modified to work with ThinModem
I bought the case back in February and have been using it ever since. It came quickly. To address other people's concerns, the belt clip has worked out well for me. I had it fall off once or twice, but that's because I had not clipped it in properly. If you don't hear the "click", it's not in. The stitching that holds the fastner strap to the case front is starting to fray, but very slowly. I'm not too concerned. The actual closure snap is a bit difficult for my big fingers. I would have preferred velcro. My case came with two new features that the original case missed. First is a small "pouch" sewn onto the right side of the case on the outside. You can slip your stylus in there and it holds it securely. I've been using the Pentopia stylus there with no problems getting to it. Also, on the bottom is a flap that covers the hotsync connector. Since the case is thick, you cannot use a cradle, but the cable works just fine. occasionally I need to slightly shift the handstrap so the connector seats properly. The handstrap is nice. but not as useful as I thought it would be. There is a clear plastic sleeve on the inside of the front cover (that flaps over the screen). It's intended for the optional lexan stiffener, but it also holds business cards (which also provide more stiffness). Finally, the top of the case uses a piece of clear plastic to hold the unit in firmly. The case does a good job in this area, but it really limits the choice of Springboard modules. I have the Thinmodem that fits, but I needed to cut a tiny flap in the clear plastic in order to make room for the phone cord. It was with great trepidation that I took exacto knife to my case, but there have been no ill effects. Since the case holds the unit so snugly from moving, I was able to make the hole very small. I love this case. --Alan--
by Magic_Al

Thumbs Up

Love the case, hate the belt tab
I've had mine for 6 months and couldn't ask for a better case. Nice snug fit, but no problems removing Visor for syncing with cradle. It has flap in the case if you sync through a cable. You can beam through the case. I've dropped my visor several times while in the case (no fault of the case, just my clumsiness) and the case has protected it well. The belt clip attachment is nice and makes the Visor readily accessible. My only complaint (and it's a big one) is with the plastic tab that attaches the case to the belt clip. Mine broke after the 2-month case warranty. Rhodiana will replace it for $10.00. Outrageous! As a previous poster mentioned, I used my Dremel to remove the broken tab and bought a package of sticky backed ones for $1.99. I tried placing a new tab behind the reinforcing plastic on the case and forcing the head through the hole. It worked, but it made removing the case from the clip very difficult. The sticky tabs are no solution as I'm on my second one now. Rhodiana could solve this problem by going to metal tab over the plastic one. If they would, they'd have the most functional case available.
by ldawson

Thumbs Up

without a doubt, the best
I've had my Rhodiana case for about 8 months and i have to say, using/carrying my Visor would be a hassle without it. The only complaints i have are: a) The belt swivel clip has broken on me a few times. Rhodiana was kind enough to repair and replace as necessary. The clips are made by a company that can be found at in case you need to order more. b) The clear flexible plastic that holds the top of the Visor firmly in place has started to tear around the edges near where it's sewn onto the black nylon side panels. This is due the case being opened and closed to remove the Visor for Hotsyncs. This can be avoided by the use of a Hotsync cable (available from Handspring) instead of a cradle as it allows you to sync without removing the unit (the Rhodiana case has a small flap covering the Hotsync port which allows easy access). Other than those small items, I can't recommend their cases enough. In fact, meer minutes after a co-worker had seen my case and shown it to his buddies, 3 of them had ordered cases of their own.
by haiku

Thumbs Up

Best way to "wear" a Visor
I have had mine for about 6 months now and I love it. The only gotcha I have encountered is the construction of the button that clips into the belt clip. I was able to "compromise" mine after a couple months of bounding down stairs (taking more than three at once) in my building at work. However, after some minor surgery with epoxy and a dremel tool it is better than ever. I would highly recommend it for anyone who doesn't stay in their office and frequently needs to use their visor.
by ConexantGuy

Thumbs Up

Great case
I got this case for v-day from me sweetie, and i love it. I have taken the visor out of the case once since i got it. You can literally keep it in the case 24/7. I even changed modules with it still in the case. And the nice and convenient styli holder on the side is extra nice. But the thing i love the best is the synch-in-case option. That is mainly why i haven't taken it out. I HAVEN'T NEEDED TO. I recommend this case strongly, and get the belt clip too. That works wonders. The only thing i see that could be better would be if there was a reset hole in the back. THat is the only reason i took it out in the first place. Buy this case. Now.
by Baine

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