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Dimensions 3.9" x 3.0" x 1.1"

Weight 3.4 oz

Hard Cover Compatible No

Battery Type Lithium Ion

Standby Time 300 hours

Talk Time 7 hours

Availability Unknown

Sprint PCS Wireless Web Digital Link by Sprint PCS

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The small, lightweight Sprint PCS Wireless Web Digital Link Module transforms any Handspring Visor into a versatile wireless data and voice companion that connects to any North American CDMA cellular/PCS network.


Valuable Data Applications - Users can manage email, receive short data messages, engage in Instant Messaging conversations, and browse the web in full HTML to place stock trades, obtain
flight details and any other information they might need.

With it's own internal lithium ion battery, it can give 7 hours of talk time, or 300 hours of standby time

Integrated Voice Calling Features

The Sprint PCS Wireless Web Digital Link module empowers users with sophisticated voice call management software. The Visor handheld address book and multi-party call features are seamlessly integrated into the Sprint PCS Wireless Web Digital Link user interface to provide an exceptional user experience while placing and receiving voice calls.

Future proof

The Sprint PCS Wireless Web Digital Link is fully-upgradeable to IS-2000 1xRTT third generation (3G) CDMA digital service. As 3G becomes available, the Sprint PCS Wireless Web Digital Link can be software-upgraded to provide High-speed packet data (up to 153 kbps) and significantly increased standby times.

See VisorCentral's extensive review for more infomation...

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  54% Thumbs Down 46%

Thumbs Down

Changed my mind
Airprime (the manufacturer) has been very cliped with me regaurding the upgrade for this device, saying it\'s in Sprint\'s hands. Sprint, meanwhile, is clueless. I recieved an e-mail telling me to go to the local Sprint PCS store to get the upgrade, and 10 days later, I\'m told they have neither the cables, software, or expertise to deal with me. Try back next week. I\'m sending this to Sprint: I went to my local sprint PCS store today, 10 days after recieving your e-mail, and they told me they did not have the equipment, software, or expertise to update my Sprint Wireless Web Digital Link. I had to point out my phone\'s Vision capabilities to them. My zip code is 48313. Please locate a store with knowledgable sales associates for me. If this can not be done, I would settle for a trade-in of my Visor Prism/WWDL for a Treo 300, however, I would want to be compensated for AT LEAST the $50 price difference (total cost of Prism and WWDL was $550 plus tax), either as a rebate or as credit to my Sprint PCS account--an extra free month would also go a long way to calming me down over this debacle. The Treo screen is smaller, and the key pad seems very ungainly--I would much rather keep my existing PDA phone, but only if it works as *promised to me at time of purchase.*
by HaHaRich

Thumbs Down

Too many software conflicts
I own a Visor Pro and the wife a Visor Deluxe with this module. While I love having an all in one module, I have had, and still have many problems with reliability as far as using this as my primary cell phone. I have found numerous conflicts with many favorite hacks (it seems to hate the font hack)..and many times when I go to answer a call, I get fatal errors, though sometimes I can still talk before having to to do the reset (of course have to use the pin...can't click on the screen.) I have been slowly eliminating hacks and software to figure out what is the problem..and it seems to crash less now, but still not good enough. I also went through the activation hell that is discussed in other user comments here. Sprint has not provided their staff with training on this phone. I usually find that I know a lot more that the customer service agent I am talking to. I also noticed that my software version on the phone is 1.0...and no one at Sprint so far has been able to tell me if there is an upgrade or not. Possibly that may help some of the software conflicts. This phone doesn't seem as powerful as a regular cell phone, as I have been with others who have regular Sprint phones, and theirs would work, when mine would just search for service. I am a pilot, so I have been able to test this thing all over the country and also in Mexico and Canada (doesn't work). Another disadvantage of this phone is when someone else wants to borrow it to make a call. If they are not familiar with PDA' get the phone back with smudges, etc on your screen. Get a good case! Recommend the Active Armor. That way, you talk on the phone with the lid closed. It also would have been nice if this had a speakerphone, as it would have been perfect to use your Visor while talking on the phone. You can use a headset, but a speakerphone would have been more convenient. Phone battery life is good, but if you have rechargeable batteries in your visor, you charge it all at the same time. Can't just charge the phone or the Visor. Other things I don't like: CDMA Time (the time displayed on your screen) has to be loaded manually, not automatic like on regular cell phones. Phone log of calls does not show or total the duration of calls. Cannot send SMS messages, only receive them.
by pilot999

Thumbs Down

too much $$$$$
Sprint PCS is the most faceless company on the planet. They absolutely suck.
by bern420

Thumbs Down

Co. Much Too Large for Its Customer Base
This company is just too large to handle its customer base. And it certainly doesn't have enough cells, although it claims it does. Drop calls constantly. Frankly, I'm not sure if other companies are any better. But Sprint I can do without.
by MarkFlC5

Thumbs Up

Great solution to Batman syndrome
No more cell phones and no more modems to carry around, just my Prism with the Digital Link atatched in my new Vaja Case (for the Visor Phone and fits the Dgital Link Perfectly.) I had a great experience both purchasing and activating my Digital Link. I ordered online on Friday and it showed up on Monday and then it only took 15 min. to activate on the phone. I do recommend the Total Digital Connection Plans from Sprint, but there are other options. You can start with one of the Free & Clear plans and add Wireless Web for $5 and still only pay $39.99 a month compaired to the $59.99 for the Total Digital Connection Plans which include most of the data features and alot of minutes to burn.
by jonhay

Thumbs Down

I don't think that the price of $65 per month for a portable access is very easy to swallow. Sprint sure knows where to sock it to their customers. I hope that this industry gets with it (handspring included). The normal every day user will not get this product or one like it (TREO)untill the price per month is about the same as my el-cheapo per month cell phone. I don't need access to the web and email that bad. Definately not worth it at this time.
by jclarke4

Thumbs Up

Excellent phone integration
I found the Sprint Digital Link to solve the problem of carrying multiple devices (let alone keeping them in sync), as well as a very nice large color screen from the Handspring Prism. In the Bay Area, signal strength is good to excellent and I have not experienced any dropped calls, though data connections can be slow at times. The only shortcomings with the product are identified in the Visor Central review. My biggest concern will be to see if AirPrime supplies a software upgrade when Sprint deploys its G3 service in the next year or so. One reviewer was very negative on Sprint customer support. It took me a while to locate one in a Sprint store, but I finally did find one. The lack of adequate customer support resources seems to be a signature of expense management to the extreme, a frequent situation at Sprint, and even more the case in CA for reasons not too obvious. Otherwise Sprint service is excellent.
by jmastrol

Thumbs Up

The Perfect Convergence Module
The all-in-one module! There are several software conflicts but the cool and convenience factor makes up for this alone!
by motown55

Thumbs Up

Sweet ...Real sweet
Just got mine yesterday and along with Prism I have a great and handy toy. Surfing the web and using AOL instant Messnegr is great. Had to up my plan with sprint though so I can us emore minutes. Oh well.
by CHeCK-O

Thumbs Up

Made My Prism a new machine
I have been waiting for this product since it was first announced. It has finally arrived and I have to say browsing in full color on the palm is so cool!!! I like others had a tough time getting it activated. After dealing with sprint who had no clue, I eventually sent email to the Alie simpkins address listed by another user. Well I received a prompt response from a guy named Rick who works at air prime. He was awesome, and got my digital link up and running in no time. Although it was pain to get activated it was well worth it.
by Majordude2626


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