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Colors: Black / Burgundy

Size: 5.0x3.2x1.5in

Availability Unknown

(With Clip)
(No Clip )

Slipper VSR by E&B Company

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This form-fitting case/wallet allows you to hot-sync your Visor without removing it from the case. Simply unzip the bottom of the case and place on cradle. The wallet can be detached from the case when desired (for use at the beach, during sporting events, etc.) It includes 3 credit card slots, one full money compartment, and one picture ID slot. It can hold up to 6 credit cards, picture IDs or business cards. This is truly the ultimate in convenience and flexibility. A perfect case for those that are ready to leave their existing wallets behind. Fits Visor, Visor Deluxe, Visor Platinum, but NOT Visor Prism.

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  78% Thumbs Down 22%

Thumbs Up

Customer Service
Response from E&B Company: We are currently not able to ship partials due to system limitation in our web tools. A customer had a backordered item that we could not slip. This limitation caused us to delay a shipment past our typical order fulfillment times, and it resulted in poor customer service. We are looking at ways to provide this service very soon. Kind regards, E&B Co.
by Mike_Enkerlin

Thumbs Down

POOR Customer Service!
I don't know about the quality of the slipper yet--because I haven't recieved it! I placed my order on 4/27/01 and have yet to recieve it (almost three weeks later)! They keep telling me that their supplier is delaying shipment to them. If this is true, they need to find a new supplier that can get the product to them in time to fill the orders! I also order the iPoint Stylus at the same time. When I found out last week that my slipper was on back-order I asked why they were not sending out the stylus. I was told that they "don't usually break up orders like that". It wasn't until I pointed out that I did not cause this delay and therefore should not be my problem that Sam agreed to cancel the first order and create two new orders (one for the Slipper and the other for the stylus).
by doni

Thumbs Up

Not Perfect, but pretty good
When I got my Visor, I looked far and wide for a case that would store what I needed. I wanted somethingthat was about the size of a day planner and could fit in a sportcoat pocket, would contain my credit cards, money, checkbook, an extra set of batteries, and, of course, my visor. Well, nothing exists, so I settled on the next best thing, the VSR. When I originally got the VSR, I thought I would send it back. A little thick for my taste, didn't seem to store enough. But I tried it for a week and it really grew on me. In the wallet I can carry all my credit cards, id, insurance, money, etc. While in the rest of the case I can put items I don't use often(membership cards, business cards. Yeh, I fit all this stuff and I still carry it in a jacket pocket. I must have one of the earlier ones that does not have an IR hole or reset hole cutout as well as a friction closure that uses leather tabs. Though I would rather have that then velcro(adjustable snap would be classy, but velcro? ewww). I do not use the zipper to allow the interface to the hotsync. It it much easier to just take it out of the case in my opinion. So, until I find the perfect case, the VSR is the best I've found.
by John Borchert

Thumbs Up

The Strategy
Buy the Slipper without the belt clip. Remove the wallet. The wallet is thin enough to even fit in your shirt pocket and holds bills, licenses, and 6 credit cards. I then open up the flap with my Visor inside and loop it through my belt. I wear it over my belt and its stylish, highly secure, and the most comfortable I have worn.
by Doug

Thumbs Up

The Best Solution
I found the best way to use the Slipper VSR is to have the Visor in one front pocket and the wallet in the other. When used together it is simply too bulky to put in one pocket. I like this combination when going to a public place like a mall where I don't want to have my Visor hanging from my belt.
by Doug

Thumbs Down

Great case, so-so wallet
Is there a corporate animal on the planet who can survive with only 4 pieces of plastic? Minimum -- DL, ATM/check card, company credit, personal credit, security passkey, business cards (for the unwashed w/o PDAs). We're already up to 6. Then we get into car rental card, Blockbuster, frequent flyer, voter reg., and assorted impedimenta of this modern age. There just isn't room for them all. I'm still waiting for the ideal wallet / case combo. Nobody has got it right, yet. I suggest that case designers think LONGER instead of THICKER.
by Devlin_du_GEnie

Thumbs Up

Excellent case
I've got the original Slipper and I LOVE IT! It seems thin, but has protected my Visor from 5' drops onto concrete while working. I sure hope my original wears out so I can buy the VSR. ;-)
by BB

Thumbs Up

Slipper VSR #1 in my book
I have looked at a ton of cases, but by far this one met all of my needs. The removable wallet is probably the number one reason why i bought this case. I can't tell you enough how convienent being able to remove your wallet is when you go out and then when you need to go back to work the next day slide your wallet in and go! I have dropped my old wallet completely and rely solely on this system. The increase in bulk of this case is far less than carrying both the visor and my orignal wallet in my pants pockets. Additionally there is no annoying clear plastic over the screen or buttons. Finally this case is complemented by the stylish look and cutouts for all the essential parts: mic, infared, and reset. As a future owner of the FullCharge rechargable battery I am looking forward to being able to recharge while leaving the visor in the case. In my humble opinion this case is # 1. :)
by Xanadu

Thumbs Up

Very well made, great features.
I have had mine for some time and love it. It has replaced my wallet and old case. My unit did not have velcro, instead there is a leather tab on the back that the closing tab slides under. While moving around (belt version) this can come open, the velcro is prob a better solution.
by Stephen Schell


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