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Fact Sheet & User Opinions

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Color Cobalt Blue

Memory 8 MB

Speed 33 Mhz

OS Palm OS 3.5.2.H

Battery Type Built in Lithium Ion battery

Weight 6.9 oz

Dimensions 4.8" x 3.0" x 0.8"

Availability Unknown

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  83% Thumbs Down 17%

Thumbs Down

Display is BAD!
Relative to the other Visor displays, MAYBE the Prism is good. But, overall, the display REALLY STINKS. It looks VERY similar to the display on the Palm IIIc. From the perspective of the end user, the color screen leaves A LOT to be desired. From the perspective of the techno-geeks, the color screen is an amazing advancement.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Super Satisfied!
I have been using a Palm Vx and just got the Prism as a Xmas gift. I loved my Vx, but the Prism is at a whole different level. It's so much faster! And it's color is great! I could never go back to the Vx. This thing is going to be tough to top...
by Thom Parrott

Thumbs Up

Got my Visor Prism for Christmas from my spouse, who gets the old Visor Deluxe. He now wants the Prism! (Never even wanted a Visor before!) Recommend everyone get one, you'll own one sooner or later!
by Texas Rookie

Thumbs Up

Love it!
I really love my Prism! I debated spending the extra money on color and I am SO happy that I did. So much easier on the eyes and familiar, just like my PC desktop. One of my goals using a PDA is to simplify and now I can carry personal photos on the Visor and with the Bi-fold case (which I also love) carry all of cards/money/etc. The only module I wish for now is keyless entry for home/car/etc., then I won't have to carry keys!
by trish

Thumbs Up

Excellent Choice
I have had the Prism for over a month now and am very pleased with it. The color is exceptional and I think the screen is easier to read than the Visor Deluxe which I had prior to this. My only complaint is the rechargable battery. I have a Hotsync cradle at home and the office to ensure that I don't run out of juice because I forgot to recharge at home. Other than that, it is worth the money and I think with time more and more programs written specifically for color devices will become available.
by Bruno

Thumbs Up

One reason for the prism: Zap2016... The colors are great, and the gaming is good... Other than that, what else can you say? it's a visor, twice as fast, cool color, etc :)
by bioart

Thumbs Up

The Prism is absolutely the best thing since the introduction of deoderant
I purchased my Prism, when Handspring first released it in the middle of October. I have had nothing but success with it. I downloaded Chorme which is a third party app. that allows you to change the color setup, much like that on a PC. I also use the eye module and the color viewer download from the Handspring website. When on the airplane last week I noticed a passanger showing the person next to her, pictures of her kids that she keeps in her day planner. I pulled my Prism out and pulled up pictures of my kids and showed them to the person seated next to me. They were totally amazed at the resolution and color recognition. I would recommend the Visor Prism to any anyone that want's to step out of the world of grey scale and into the world of color.
by Sal

Thumbs Down

Case Color Wears Off!
I've owned my Prism for about a month and a half now and the surface finish is wearing off! Apparently, the surface color is not molded through the depth of the shell. The wear seems to be caused by the slip cover that Handspring provides and is occurring anywere the Prism rubs when it is inserted or removed. This is unacceptable for, what is, the most expensive Palm compatible on the market.
by John Kennedy

Thumbs Up

Still a Palm, but so much COOL!
Complain all you want about resolution and sunlight interferance. The screen is better than any Win machine, and Palm is still the best functioning OS. Colr is easier to navigate with, and the improvements over Palm's stock OS do EVERYTHING I need (and most of what I want).
by Gbob2

Thumbs Up

very good
excellent colors
by Anonymous

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