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Fact Sheet & User Opinions

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Color Cobalt Blue

Memory 8 MB

Speed 33 Mhz

OS Palm OS 3.5.2.H

Battery Type Built in Lithium Ion battery

Weight 6.9 oz

Dimensions 4.8" x 3.0" x 0.8"

Availability Unknown

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  83% Thumbs Down 17%

Thumbs Up

Makes handheld devices a pleasure to use!
In a sentence:You will forget why you ever thought a Palm was cool.
by Michael R. Smith, MD

Thumbs Up

color + speed = good interrim product
the color display is nice, although, I do not care much for the, apparent, wide separation between pixels. The speed is very good, but refreshes are a little slower on some applications that my IIIx (8M RAM, 4M Flash) Overall it is a good interrim model between the 68K series and the SA-11XX based models.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Best handheld I've ever used to date!
by Star

Thumbs Up

The Prism is amazing. I used to be a Visor Deluxe user who said "I don't need color." Now I can't imagine being without it. Apps like Zap 2016 are incredible and make it worth the purchase.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Fabulous color plus visor coolness.
Watching a movie clip on the Prism was so much fun. The screen is amazingly sharp and bright. While the other Visors are just as efficient the Prism wins the beauty contest. The Palm loses on all counts: evern personality.
by Potus

Thumbs Up

My first Visor - I'm glad I got the best
I was considering the Platinum, but it was out of stock everywhere. I'm very glad I got the Prism instead. I love the color feature and wouldn't want to live with plan greyscale. Battery life okay. Too bad the cover doesn't snap on. Otherwise great. Quick and responsive overall.
by =mattman

Thumbs Down

Not the best
Received my Prism two days ago. It crashed the next night and neither a soft or hard reset worked. The screen remained blank until the battery was drained. It hasn't worked since so I'm returning the unit to Handspring.I wasn't impressed with the color screen. At work I found the screen too difficult to view under flourescent lighting. My trusty Visor Deluxe was easier to view. Since I gave this unit to my wife, I'm ordering the Visor Platinum.
by KKohr

Thumbs Down

Good visually but somewhat dark in sunlight - battery life reasonable. All around good.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Problems exist but it's worth it!
I love it- yes the case color wears off on some, the screen sometimes looks "liney", and the front part of my case on 2 separate visors seems lose, but it is still a great product!
by Brad Browne

Thumbs Up

The bomb
This thing rocks. Didn't get the IPAQ because Compaq's are pieces of sh#$ with cheap parts. Love the blue case and great color. Wish battery lasted longer but that's OK. Incredible Springboard support--can't wait to get SOunds Good! Doesn't work well in daylight. This thing is FUN!! My first PDA after extensive research to find the BEST... Makes my Palm toting friend jealous. Zap 2016 looks awesome. This thing is a conversation piece and party favor. Dont'let them drop it!!!
by Dan Robbins

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