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Size 7" x 4" x 1.5"

Weight ~4.6 oz

Color Black

Works with All Visors

Availability Unknown

RhinoPak 2000 by RhinoSkin

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Modems, modules…the perfect fit! For all PDAs, including Visor, Visor Deluxe, Prism, Platinum, Edge With or without modems Water-resistant Cordura Ideal for travel Zipper and mesh utility pockets Store checkbook, passport, disks, credit/business cards, car keys Stylus holder, extra battery pouches Elastic securing straps

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  64% Thumbs Down 36%

Thumbs Up

Using for Prism w/ Minstrel and Stowaway
I have been wondering for quite some time now, how does the Prism w/ Minstrel S attached fit in the RhinoPak 2000? Well I decided to find out for myself. Here is a pic of the Prism/Minstrel fastened inside the RhinoPak 2000. I had to tighten the top straps so that the straps fit over the Minstrel but under the Prism. The bottom straps fit nicely over the Prism. [img][/img] [img][/img] The way the straps are fastened allowed for the Tactillis Flip-Cover to be attached to the Prism and be fully functional. [img][/img] I am very happy with this set-up. As a bonus, the Stowaway Keyboard fits tightly in the outside front pocket!
by mszatny

Thumbs Up

best soft case for the money
when you compare the competing soft cases and take into account that amazon sells these and there are always online coupons , this is one case you will be hard pressed to beat.
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

A Great Carryall for the Visor!!!
If you want a case that can protect your Visor, carry a Stowaway keyboard fit the visor even with a Minijam and still have room for your other springboard modules and batteries... then this is the case for you! My only complaint is that the straps are designed for larger PDA's... i just put in some industrial strenght velcro to remedy that problem, and it works perfectly for me. Its sturdy, so i can through it into my backpack, and the cordura keeps me from worrying about getting caught in the rain. If I know that I wont need my keyboard and all my extras, i can always just peel my visor out and put it in the leather case it came with to fit in my pocket. Overall, i love this case!!!
by Chris

Thumbs Down

close, but...
If you use the inside pockets for anything, you'll end up scratching the Visor's screen. The Visor doesn't mount all that securely inside, either. I can't use my Thincom modem without removing the Visor from the case. There should be some corner protection as well, in the event of a drop.
by DirtyVicar

Thumbs Up

Great for its intended use!
I picked up the RhinoPak 2K in anticipation of traveling with my Visor and Stowaway. Everything fits great with extra room for standard modules (modem will work, too!), passport, pens, etc. The only gripe is with the straps that hold the Visor - they don't work very well at all. To solve that problem, I put the Stowaway under the straps - fits great! and put the Visor in the left mesh pocket!
by Europe-Bound

Thumbs Down

Too bulky, ill-fitting, zipper oriented slowing access.
The case is too bulky, the pen holder ill-placed, and using a zipper increases access time to the device. The device itself ought to velcro mount directly to the case obviating the need for the plastic cover; a "loose leaf" protective panel between the device and the left half of the case would be integral to this design. This is a good place to push the Fisher Space Pen (no, I don't own any stock) which would fit nicely in the front pocket, especially if you put a pen loop in the front pocket.Tks.
by al akeo

Thumbs Up

depending on your usage
Probaby not for everyday use, too bulky, unless you're a pack-rat type. It's numerous pockets are user-friendly. Being of the female persuasion, I'm not as apt to cram the RP or my Visor in my pocket, so "pocketability" is not high on my list. If I'm carrying around my daypack, the size doesn't matter. If I'm going a little lighter, then, I'm going to go with the RP 1100.
by gldnbearz

Thumbs Up

Yes, but....
I think the VC review is right on target. Make sure you understand that this is not really intended to be a case for using the Visor, but for traveling with it. I cut off all the zipper extension cords except for the main zipper - they were just too much. My wife wants to know what all the various straps are for on the back..... - Rusty
by Rusty Smith

Thumbs Up

is good
pardon my english. this is good. makes me feel masterbation(?). visor inside fits. notepad pen wallet monay. fits well.
by Steven

Thumbs Up

Good for travelling, not for everyday in the office.
Many people write that the RS2000 is too large. Well, it's not intended to be a 'carry around the office all day' case. I use it at the end of the day to carry my visor along with other items (passport, airline tickets, notepad, etc.) It's intended as a travel pack (read rhinoskin's description), there are other cases that are good for everyday use (you don't see me complaining they're too small for travel and don't have enough storage space, do you?)
by Hoser_in_USA


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