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Color Cobalt Blue

Memory 8 MB

Speed 33 Mhz

OS Palm OS 3.5.2.H

Battery Type Built in Lithium Ion battery

Weight 6.9 oz

Dimensions 4.8" x 3.0" x 0.8"

Availability Unknown

Visor Prism by Handspring

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The Visor Prism was the first color Visor, and was the first 16 bit color Palm OS device. With that beautiful 160x160 pixel screen, 8 MB of memory, and a blazing fast 33 Mhz processor, it has it all. It has a built in rechargeable battery, and the Springboard expansion slot. The Visor Prism comes with a cradle, metal stylus, and a hard cover.

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  83% Thumbs Down 17%

Thumbs Up

better than treos or Palm
Can you add a Magellan GPS, digital camera,plus 50 other modules to treos? Nope! How about a phone module for treo 90 or Palms? Nope! This is the perfect organizer for me since cell phones are not allowed where I work. My boss thinks its only a PDA(w/ phone module not mounted, hidden in my other pocket!) Since they have discontinued the Prism, this has now become a collectors item, get your NIB at ebay before they totally disappear!
by jespi48356

Thumbs Up

the best
after having color screen will never go back. works well w/visor phone. can't wait 'til i get my soundsgood from e-bay. Handspring support is lame. ordered the prism on a thursday and on friday found that they had a promo for the eyemodule. they would not send it to me i would have have to send my prims back and order a new one just to get promo, no thanks. great color thought about sony but not expandable enough
by jasteel

Thumbs Up

Still going strong ...
As an early adopter of the Prism, I'm still in love with it. Reconditioned (read: inexpensive and previously-loved) Prisms will be available for quite a while longer, and will be my recommendation for an entry-level PDA as long as they are. As for me, I might upgrade if Handspring gives me a decent deal on the color Treo, but until that happens, I'm good with my Prism.
by wilder_jw

Thumbs Up

The Best Handheld on the Market?
Jumping ship from the PocketPC bandwagon, I first chose the Sony CLie 320 but sticker shock of any accessory for the Sony threw me back into the waters searching for a Palm based PDA. After much research I narrowed it down to two devices, the Prism and the HS Pro. I didn't choose the PRo because of its nasty backlight (otherwise a excellent device). I really like the Prism. It has a very sharp, colorful display. Using Springboard modules give it unlimited uses and memory. Its size is on the larger end but by no means bulky or cumbersome. The processor churns programs at a blink of the eye. If I could change three things to improve the Prism it would be; extend the battery life, improve the screen resolution to be seen in daylight; and offer it in different colors. The Battery will last about 6 hours (continous use) at best. Using my Magellan GPS module for about 30 minutes ate about a 1/4 of the power. Handspring should put a higher capacity battery in this device to compensate for the color monitor which eats the power. There are ways to conserve energy (keep screen brightness down, auto shut down, etc). As I said, the color screen is sharp and colorful. It really shines indoors and in low lighting. But bring it outdoors on a sunny day and it disappears. This simply means you have to find some shade to allow for the back lighting to work. It's a discomfort but not enough to abandon ship. Finally, the color. It may be petty but offer it in a variety of color options. Cobalt blue is o.k. but black, red, silver, or gray are also nice. Overall, if you choose the Prism you wouldn't regret it. If you can live without color and can get used to the backlight, the Pro is another option. But you can always find a use for a color screen.
by coppertop

Thumbs Up

liked it but won't fit my work place
I liked the Prism but won't fit my work place. I ended up having 4 replacements before calling Customer support to yell at them for a poor track record of quality. I asked for trade down to Visor Platinum with refund. Handspring did just that. Don't liked the Edge because of EXTRA module adapter. Will probably get Palm M505 when bugs are worked ou and when more modules are availkiable.
by calhoe

Thumbs Down

battery life and after care lousy and I can't get a keyboard!
Bought my Prism in March, and loved it both for its colour and extra memory. Its now a bit bulky compared with the Palm 505, but there are always going to be new models coming out whenever you buy. However, I do have a big problem with the battery life. Even when I use it on low brilliance setting, the low battery message displays after only a couple of hours. Since I like to use the Prism on long journeys and overnighters, this is a severe problem. I have had to buy a travel charger, but that doesn't help when you are on a train, or in a plane and get the message to recharge. At first I thought it was because the batteries were new, but the problem has got no better. I have emailed Handspring about this twice to see if it is just my machine or if it is 'standard', and they have not even bothered to reply.aftercare with Palm was much much better. Also I want a Go Type keyboard and all those I see don't fit the Prism. Next buy, I will go back to Palm. Its a shame - I had high hopes of Handspring, but now they offer less than Palm, IMO
by pollyanna

Thumbs Up

Excellent Product!
I own one and love it! I also use it with the VisorPhone, the two are a match made in heaven. There's little I "Can't do" with this thing. Plus, it's allot of fun. I've owned many PalmOS devices in the past (PalmIII, VisorDeluxe, Palm VII, PalmVIIx, etc.) and the Prism is the only one I use today (the others are in the hands of someone else). Great Device, you'll be glad you got it!
by jonecool

Thumbs Up

i've tried them all
amazing color, brightness, speed, and backupbuddy saves the day for the infrequent hard reset. used also as GPS in my car! got a $200 rebate from CompUSA so price was unbelievable! same price as deluxe. you think 16-bit color doesn't make a difference? i watch short movies on the train with a 364 mb ram!!!!!
by scientific believer

Thumbs Up

the best color PDA for Palm OS
Visor Prism is the best
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

SImply the Best
Have owned a Palm V, a Palm VII and now a Prism. The Prism is simply great. There isn't enought time or space here to note all the great things about it. The only bad comment I can make is that the backlit screen can be difficult to read on sunny days outside. Otherwise, there is simply no reason to consider any other PDA, this one is the best. If you want the top of the line PDA, the Prism is your answer. Thank you Handspring for this great tool!
by Prism Lover

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